Capacity building

Capacity building

In addition to conducting our own research, Evidence for Development works with many organisations and individuals to help them build their capacity to analyse and measure people’s livelihoods, food security and abilities to meet other basic needs. These skills can then be used to better design, target, implement, monitor and evaluate development and humanitarian programmes.

We offer rigorous training courses in household economy assessment and modelling. We have also introduced a multi-level IHM certification system and produced university level e-learning materials.

Due to our capacity building work, there are now over 100 Level 1 and more than 25 Level 2 IHM practitioners across Africa with highly developed assessment, monitoring and evaluation skills. This has enabled Evidence for Development’s partner organisations to put in place systems that make their programmes more accountable to donors and more responsive to the needs and capabilities of the people with whom they work.

Our current capacity building activities include:

We also provide training and research opportunities to promising graduates and have an active intern programme.

Click here for more information on our capacity building work with partners, or contact us with any questions about how we might be able to assist you or your organisation.